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New Feature in Madden NFL 09…A “do-over” button?

ESPN came out with its Madden NFL 09 Preview and the one new feature in Madden that is going to piss a lot of hardcore Maddenites off is the “rewind” option. The feature gives gamers a “do-over” on any given play. For instance, if you throw an interception on one play, you can rerun the play over with a simple push of a button. It’s the equivalent to a mulligan in golf. I know EA Sports wants to appeal to the casual gamer, but this is too much. Those who can’t deal with the in-depth controls, go play NFL Tour. Madden is supposed to be a “sim” football experience. Keep it that way. But not all is bad. The player models look more realistic, stadiums, weather conditions and grass looks good and most importantly, announcers are back!

Madden NFL 09 Rewind Feature (via IGN’s Madden 09 Preview):

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