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NBA 2k8 Demo on Xbox Live

One of my favorite games of all time is the NBA 2k series. Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced the release of a demo version of the game, NBA 2k8, on Xbox Live. Rival EA Sports has also released a demo of NBA Live 08, which also looks improved from last year’s ice-skate, dunk fest. Can’t wait for another year of video game basketball. Every year I pick the Golden State Warriors and take them to a place they haven’t been since Rick Barry was shooting free-throws underhanded for the dubs…the NBA Finals.

NBA 2k8 vs. NBA Live video

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  1. Joseph Gerbacio September 24th, 2007 3:19 pm

    First off wanna give a shout out to my boy Rio, props on your brand new show bro…Keep it up! I just wanna throw in my thoughts on the new NBALIVE08 for all you NBALIVE’ers out there. I don’t know if there are any still ever since NBALIVE06 sucked really bad. I know you guys know what I mean, with all those unstoppable superstar moves they put on ‘06. C’mon and give me a break, don’t tell me Kyle Korver is 100%unstoppable at the 3 point arc? Also with those superstar hook shots with Dirk from the 3 point line as well. I know Dirk is good n all but not hook shots from the 3 point line all day long good. You guys know what I mean, CHEEZY! It’s like they forgot adults play that game too. I have never even attempted to play NBALIVE07 so I have no comment on that,I simply just gave up on that. Of course I switched back to NBA2K (THANKS TO RIO!)you know you gotta play some kind of basketball game right? Not until now! I’m having a change of heart ever since the brand new NBALIVE08 dropped its demo. I mean its only a demo, which means hopefully even better things will be added to what I have seen. The game play seems to be in tact.I had to get used to the basics once again because NBA2K got me twisted with the right joystick as the shot stick, but it’s all good. This time I had to get Lebron into the lane rather than using the cheezy superstar move to get the dunk. So it seems like a mirror image of the NBALIVE05 gameplay,I’m hoping. All in all it should be a battle this year between NBALIVE v.s.NBA2K considering the upgrades to NBALIVE. PEACE!!!!!!

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