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The Reboot Reviews Halo 3

I know it’s a bit late..but I HAD to do a review on Halo 3! It’s only the most anticipated video game in history. What kind of review did I give it? Just watch…

Also on this episode, Manhunt 2, Sony ditches backwards compatibility for the PS3, Microsoft bundles up for the holiday season and Toyota gets in the game.

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  1. Tenzin March 24th, 2008 1:13 pm

    - From my opinion halo 3 is the sickest game for xbox 360 right now. i love the story line, graphics, gameplay and the options that it provides. it has the best online play, better than call of duty 4 and yes i played both of the games and own both. althou CoD4 is fun on campaign and online as well, it doesn’t provide much options as halo3. for ex. joining partys, pressing the button ‘Y’ so you can view your friends list on manu, player customizations, vehicles etc.
    - i feel that some people criticize halo3 because of their frustration in gaining ranks online which can be stressful at times. i went thru’ the same expreience and got off halo and started playing CoD4 til’ i got bored of playing. in call of duty, there isn’t in of a way to lose your ranks because you rank up based on how much exprience you have where in halo its based on wins and exprience as well.

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