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Don’t You Just Love Video Game Audio?

You know you’re a video game geek when you could recognize video game themes by ear. The Angry Pixel recently came out with their list of top video game themes. Super Mario, Final Fantasy and any of the Street Fighter themes are my personal favorites. Here’s a few videos of some of my favorite video game themes.

Watching those vids brought me back in time to when I would bunker down and play these games for hours (I know, I’m such a geek)! How things have changed. I remember playing “Combat” on Atari, where there were only two or three sounds in the entire game. Today, there are professional actors voicing video game characters and musicians offering their expertise in games. It’s something young gamers today probably take for granted. Next time you pop in Halo 3 or COD4, listen close and appreciate the audio..the music will likely be embedded in your brain for the rest of your life =)

BTW..stay tuned for the next episode of The Reboot, where I’ll cover this very topic!

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