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Greetings from CES!

What’s up guys! I’m here at CES 2008, where Sony seems to be stealing the show so far. The company has juiced up the Playstation Portable with Skype, which allows PSP users to make free calls over the Internet, and has given the handheld the ability to download Blu-Ray movies from their PS3 to their PSP. Cool stuff. Just when you thought the PSP was becoming a lost cause, Sony gives it new life with new features. I also forgot to mention the addition of GPS on the PSP. Even cooler. The PS3 also got some love at CES, showing off new features from Little Big Planet.

Microsoft also made news at CES by announcing the addition of MGM, Disney and ABC show downloads on Xbox Live. Unfortunately, there was no unveiling of a new Xbox 360 like many were speculating. A number of new XBL games are also being showed at CES, including Lode Runner and Rez HD.

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Make sure to click on the pics to see my photos from CES. I had a chance to take a limo ride with the Gamerscore Blog crew (thanks guys!) and met up with the Frag Dolls. FYI, I’ll be posting some videos from Sony’s Little Big Planet Presentation, Bill Gates and Robbie Bach’s keynote address and an interview I did with the Frag Dolls real soon. I’ll also be doing an interview with Microsoft tomorrow on the latest XBL games, so keep your eye out on the blog! Talk to ya soon!

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  4. kayven January 9th, 2008 2:01 pm

    glad to see all the mac books in action

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