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Frag Dolls Interview and LittleBigPlanet Presentation at CES

It’s my last night here at CES and I am so tired! I swear my legs are dead from all the walking. But I didn’t leave the event without producing some content. Check out an interview I did with Roulette of the Frag Dolls. She’s been a guest on The Reboot before, but this time around I asked her about a few gaming topics that have my interest, including Skype on the PSP, the success of Xbox Live and who’s winning the console war. She also gives her thoughts on which is better, Rock Band or Guitar Hero.


I also had a chance to attend Sony’s LittleBigPlanet presentation and I left very impressed. Looks like Sony may have a hit on their hands. They showed a new level and gave attendees a glimpse on how to create an avatar and a playable level. Check out an shortened version of the presentation here.

I’ll give you my thoughts on the gaming portion of CES 2008 on the next episode of The Reboot. Was it a success or a failure? Expect a preview of Sony’s BD-Live, where PSP owners can download Blu-Ray movies on their PSP, the newest Games for Windows and Texas Instruments’ DualView 3D gaming technology. I’ll also post more pics soon!

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