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Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Reincarnated

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007-373-5963. That string of numbers brings back childhood memories. I remember the days of punching in that code in my NES, getting my ass beat by Mike Tyson and yelling at the TV in frustration. Well EA may be bringing back the good ol’ days of arcade-style boxing with the announcement of Facebreaker. The game is being developed by EA Canada and will feature fictional boxers. Why the name Facebreaker? EA says players can literally alter a boxers face by kicking his ass…sweet. I haven’t seen a game like this since Ready to Rumble. First 2ksports’ Prizefighter, now Facebreaker…it looks like boxing fans won’t have to settle for Fight Night this year. The game is expected to come out for the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Story via Destructoid

This is what I did to Iron Mike back in the day (after getting knocked out 50 million times).

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  1. kayven January 31st, 2008 1:54 pm


    so excited for this.

    im a huge fan of boxing games, i still play fight night round 3 on 360 regularly.

    yea this is so ready 2 rumble but looks so much better.

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