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From PAX to Austin GDC!

What’s up gamers! Thanks for all who have commented on the first episode of The Reboot. The retro gaming episode was fun to do and the next show will be even better!

I just covered the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle and got some great footage of games that aren’t even out yet, including Rock Band, Mass Effect and Need for Speed: Pro Street.

Today I’m in Austin covering the Austin Game Developers Conference, a event that focuses on online games, game writing and game audio. It’s not quite as crazy as PAX 2007, but that’s expected considering its a developers conference. The big headliner was Blizzard CEO Mark Morhaime, who spoke about the success of World of Warcraft. Joystiq has a small wrap-up on his keynote.

Anyway, I’ll be leaving Austin on Friday, hoping to post the next episode from PAX really soon. Keep the comments coming! Also, if you have a myspace page, you can add The Reboot as a friend by clicking here. Game on!

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  1. Rob Welkner September 7th, 2007 1:10 am

    awesome Rio - I added the page to my ‘friends’ links on the site! holla

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