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The Reboot/GDC 08: Xbox Blogger Breakfast Audio Podcast

As promised, here’s a shortened audio podcast of the Gamerscore/Xbox Blogger Breakfast I attended at GDC. Over an hour of audio broken down into 15 minutes for your listening pleasure. Microsoft’s Chris Satchell, John Shappert and Aaron Greenberg answered questions while we ate bacon and eggs for a few hours. Destructoid, Konsole Kingz, Gaming Angels, The Game Reviews, Xbox 360 Fanboy and Kotaku were just a few representin’ at the event. Once again, props to the Gamerscore Blog crew for hosting the event and it was good to meet some of the bloggers over breakfast, especially Ron and Nick from Destructoid, Trina from Gaming Angels, Marcus and CJ from Konsole Kingz and Ben from The Game Reviews!

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