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Madden 09 Super Bowl Trailer

Here’s a new trailer from EA Sports’ Madden NFL 09. It looks like the player models were given a minor facelift and it’s an improvement from the bulky, cartoonish look of past Madden’s. The TV-style presentation is a bit polished up as well, but when it comes to Madden, it’s all about the gameplay. I also noticed some sort of “assist” mode underneath ballcarriers, giving the gamer advice on what button to press in the heat of the action. Hardcore Madden fans may not like this..I sure don’t. I’m interested in seeing what EA Sports has in store. Every year it’s “too much of the same” old Madden with updated rosters and a new gimmick or two. Hopefully 09 gets a major overhaul this time around.

Video from Gametrailers.

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